I never thought it could happen to me. A car full of cheerleaders was stranded by the side of the road. Not a one of them had the first idea of how to change a tire. I don’t think they even knew what a spare tire was! It seems like such a basic thing to know, but no, none of them knew. Well, that’s not entirely fair, one of them, a short blond, knew that there was such a thing as a spare tire, and had an idea it was in the trunk. But when she opened the trunk and didn’t see it, she became very confused. They were all surprised when I pulled up the rug in the trunk, extracted the spare tire and the jack, untightened the lug nuts a tiny bit, jacked up the car, removed the lug nuts, pulled off the flat tire, put on the spare, replaced and tightened the lug nuts, lowered the car, tightened the lug nuts a little more, put the flat and the jack in the trunk, and closed it. The blond gave me ten bucks. I didn’t see that coming, that’s for sure!