I should be writing, but no, instead I’m creating a blog. I fully intend on keeping this blog about writing and reviewing books, but my mind wanders like a plastic bag in the wind so we’ll see.

The novel I’m currently writing is DIMENSIONS: CREATORS. At some point I’ll learn the ins and outs of this site and have nice little links for everyone. Until then, I’ll just tell you about my book.

Originals are energy-based entities that begin as a collective and are divided into groups. Once groups are established, each group divides into individuals. Those individuals are tasked with completing a capstone project.

Aught and Naught are Originals and assigned the capstone of universe creation. They, like all groups in their collective, are given the following tools: a segment of space surrounded by a vibration barrier, a ball of creation energy, matter blocks, life spores, and a quantum processor to code it all. Once completed, the Original group moves on in accordance with tradition.

Coding goes reasonably well considering their processor is an upgraded model. Aught believes the capstone to be too simple and designs dimensions within the segment. Each dimension contains a minimum of one universe. Naught contributes by adding beauty to an otherwise bland assignment.

Aught questions authority to the point of banishment. Their rigid world has no room for the degree of individuality this collective demonstrates. While banished, Aught discovers humans.

Naught, distraught over the loss of Aught, learns what moving on entails. Naught chases after Aught in hopes of avoiding moving on. But what Naught doesn’t know is that Aught has a plan to usurp authority and banish the practice of moving on.

So that’s my book. I’ll work on the blurb when I’m done writing and starting to query. I’m on the third draft now but I don’t know how many drafts it’ll take before it’s readable by strangers.

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